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Michael Jackson King of Pop? or....

SANTA MONICA (CBS) August 24 2011— The world knew Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, but he had another talent that he kept private. It turns out Jackson was also an accomplished artist. Only a few individuals knew that Jackson had a secret studio in an airport hangar in Santa Monica, where he came to create, not music, but art and lots of it. “A lot of people call his work just sketches, but I think they’re great works of art from one of the World’s most talented men,” said the late artist’s friend Brett Livingstone Strong.

Remark from the Blue Swan girls: Hiding secrets always cost energy->Michael was not efficient->he lived in unserendipity with his accidental death as a result. Having secrets is dangerous for you & your direct environment!

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To be efficient according to the Blue Swan definition you need to:

1 Have two goals: one goal aimed at the

world (your work) and one goal just for

you (your dream).

2 Be that person who always says yes.

3 Reach your goals at the expense of nothing.

For "older" people the "dream" part is difficult because through years of hiding it became a secret for themselves. But the Blue Swan Girls will help you with the revelation of your forgotten dreams.